Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visit Norman Bates'Basement only at San Diego Comic Con

Hoo's Basement did I visit today?

Norman Bates! And man, was it freaky.  

Feathers, stuffed (I mean taxidermy) mammals, a tricycle, more mammals, and did I mention feathers?  There's also sharp medical (?) instruments around.  So if you visit Norman's basement, and you should, be careful.  I think most animals are deceased, but we all know, Norman starts with live ones.

 Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) is an amateur taxidermist and begins exploring this hobby in his basement in season 2. Explore Norman’s eerie taxidermy workshop inspired by the show’s set. Step behind Norman’s desk and have your photo taken with taxidermy animals to share with friends. 
Your photo will become a GIF with the bird twitching.

Pick up a “Bates Motel” inspired temporary tattoo designed by the artists from A&E’s upcoming series “Epic Ink.” 

BOOTH: 4016 & 4018 


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