Sunday, January 5, 2014

We Are What We Are: First Sleeper Hit of 2014

The Parkers would like to have you for dinner

In a rural small town everyone knows everyone and secrets are non-existent…at least in most small towns.  The Parker’s keep to themselves and follow strict ancestral traditions.  Towns’ folk respect their devotion and privacy.  Nothing is really amiss.  After all, many religions have periods of fasting.  

Believing their customs keep them alive and honor their ancestors, patriarch Frank (Bill Sage), must ensure his daughters Iris (Ambyr Childers) and Rose (Julia Garner) support the family after their mother dies in a torrential storm that floods the county.  The storm soon reveals gruesome secrets the town kept for centuries.
Sage hits the mark as Frank Parker.  His gothic stature and devotedness encompass all kinds if creepy, while Childers, brings a defeated, yet clandestined aura to Iris who is burdened by her new family role.  Garner also puts in a stellar performance as Rose, the middle child, disgusted by Parker tradition.   

We Are What We Are triumphs with director Jim Mickle at the helm.  A good ‘ole gothic horror story; suspenseful with the right touch of gore, and an ending that even I did not see coming.  The first sleeper hit of 2014.

 We Are What We Are, an Official Selection at the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals, comes to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.  Available January 7, 2014


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