Friday, November 9, 2012

Browncoats Unite This Sunday Nov 11th

It's Finally Here!!!

On November 11, the Science Channel will bring you a Firefly 10th Anniversary Special Event! It's (literally) been 10 years in the making for this extravaganza—and there's nearly two hours of extra footage that just couldn't be squeezed into the hour-long special.
Here's your chance to see four of the best moments that WILL NEVER AIR ON TELEVISION (or anywhere else)! All you need to do is tweet @ScienceChannel with #FireflyNov11. A new video will unlock for every 5,000 tweets that enter the Twitter 'verse.

The videos are from New York Comic Con.  It was a great panel, went 20 minutes over schedule, and the Science Channel picked the best parts.


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